We had the opportunity to work again with Marigold Properties to provide all of the electrical services on this large remodel located in the Arcadia district in Phoenix. This home is located on the same street as their previous Kachina remodel.

Marigold Properties does outstanding work providing upscale remodels in the Phoenix area and every single detail in their homes is stunning. One key element of that is the electrical work they have us add. Upgraded accent lighting in kitchens, bathrooms and throughout the home brings added value and appeal. And since we also use LED lighting it also makes the homes energy efficient.

On this home instead of remodeling it was completely demolished and built from the ground up. We were able to start from scratch on this project similar to how we would with a new residential custom home. We again added all LED lighting throughout and installed recessed can lights, under cabinet foot lighting, under cabinet lighting, above cabinet lighting, sconce lighting, ceiling fans and exterior lighting. We love how this home turned out!

13178605_1075305039175576_871442827546764412_n.jpg 13178924_1075304685842278_662674212578942158_n.jpg 13178932_1075305179175562_1505813254063511696_n.jpg

13179447_1075304795842267_3569347712607274762_n.jpg 13221062_1075304922508921_6348988089715080140_n.jpg 13221500_1075304022509011_5436570223831800144_n.jpg

13221685_1075304285842318_6813453803106848659_n.jpg 13226822_1075304422508971_2475322465222238910_n.jpg 13226878_1075305079175572_4239007176297840280_n.jpg

13230174_1075304145842332_3652980323577151684_n.jpg 13230203_1075304955842251_6398716300162044057_n.jpg 13238959_1075304999175580_635740283787650231_n.jpg

13239180_1075304252508988_3824047950263137507_n.jpg 13239356_1075304509175629_7183136049733514298_n.jpg 13239392_1075305109175569_2820480559310446436_n.jpg

13239475_1075304542508959_7435167111448655841_n.jpg 13240717_1075304889175591_3590618298174443848_n.jpg 13244659_1075304625842284_2712940327771846192_n.jpg

13254247_1075304859175594_2535741118174962711_n.jpg 13260045_1075304079175672_1774543684618591784_n.jpg